uh-oh! 1.0 tog Buggy Bag Red

uh-oh! 1.0 tog Buggy Bag Red

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A gorgeous, summer weight sleeping bag for baby with a 1.0 tog rating. Our uh-oh 1.0 tog sleeping bags are made using super soft 100% cotton for both the outer shell and lining. When using a sleeping bag, do not use any other bedding other than a bottom sheet to cover mattress. The zip head is covered with a tab to ensure that the child is secure within their bag for the duration of their sleep. Great for travelling.

Sizes of Buggy Bag are the length measured from the highest point to the bottom of the bag. 

Tog is the European warmth rating of bedding such as quilts and blankets. They are used in children’s sleeping bags to guide parents in purchasing the correct weight sleeping bag for each season.

The ideal temperature for your babies’ bedroom is approximately 18°C. Always check that your baby is not too hot or cold. 



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