Skeanie - Pre-Walker Sneakers Navy/Red
Skeanie - Pre-Walker Sneakers Navy/Red

Skeanie - Pre-Walker Sneakers Navy/Red

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SKEANIE Shoes are hand made from buttery soft leather. These shoes feature a soft leather upper, with an elasticised collar to keep the shoe fitted snugly around the ankle. The size Small has a textured suede sole to for suppleness and grip and the size Medium and Large feature a split rubber sole for flexibility and endurance. (See picture for split rubber sole)
Our Classic Pre-Walkers have been awarded the Seal of Acceptance by The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). All SKEANIE Shoes are designed in Australia and are Fair Trade Made. SKEANIE is an Associate Partner of The Australian Podiatry Association (NSW). Colours may vary slightly.
Skeanie shoes should be worn as dress shoes. The shoes are made from soft leather, which will scuff when scrapped along a rough surface. They do enjoy walking, running and playing; however, they do not like getting wet, being used as brakes on your bike or scooter, kicking a footy, climbing trees or walking through mud and dirt.
We recommend that you spray your SKEANIE footwear with a Shucare Water and Stain Repellent prior to wear. The best way to keep your SKEANIE footwear looking bright and new is to simply wipe over with a clean damp cloth or leather wipe. Applying Shucare Leather Conditioner and Renovating Polish will assist with maintaining their softness and colour. SKEANIE footwear should never be placed in the washing machine or dryer.
Please note that all of our boots and shoes are meticulously handmade. Due to this process, there might be a slight variation from one item to the other, no piece of leather is the same to the others. No stitch is identical to the rest, that’s why all our products are unique.


 Shoe Size Measurements

How to measure your child’s foot.

  • Ensure your child’s foot is relaxed before measuring.
  • Measure towards the end of the day to ensure foot is at it’s largest.
  • Place your child’s foot on a piece of paper
  • Draw a line at the heel and at the big toe, measure the foot length in mm. 
  • DO NOT add to your child’s foot length as wriggle room has been factored in.
  • Whilst we have tried our best to make our sizing guide as accurate as possible, the sizing of our shoes may vary slightly between designs.


Size                                             Recommended Maximum Foot Length

 110mm                                         Small                                                                  

 125mm                                         Medium                                                             

 140mm                                         Large 

 155mm                                         X-Large                                                                      




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