Fun Factory - 20 Pcs Wooden Multicultural People

Fun Factory - 20 Pcs Wooden Multicultural People

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This wonderful educational material is designed to introduce young children to the concept of multiculturalism and diversity. The set of dolls depicts people of different ethnicities in a variety of different professions. The professions are shown as gender-neutral, avoiding gender stereotyping.

Includes: Doctor, Waiter, Teacher, Basketball Player, Singer, Cricket Player, Ballet Dancer, Office worker, Fireman, Fisherman, Policewoman, Nurse, Trades Person, Chef, Astronaut, Pilot, Hairdresser, Cleaner, Butcher, Florist

Size: Between 6 cm - 7.7 cm in height and 2 cm thick.

Age Recommendation:  3 Years+

Non-toxic paint. 



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