Dig and Discover Stegosaurus Excavation Kit

Dig and Discover Stegosaurus Excavation Kit

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Be a real Paleontologist! Unearth and build up Stegosaurus skeleton!

This kit comes with all the tools needed to dig, mould and paint the stegosaurus. Unearth and assemble the skeletons.

Dug out plaster can be reused to make the dinosaur's display stand. 

Each kit includes: earthen block, digging tool, dusting brush, wooden hammer, paint strip of 6 colour, paint brush, display stand moulding tray and a guide book

Recommended for age: 6 Years +

Size of the box: 17cm x 24cm x 6.5cm ; earthen block: 10.5x18x3.5 cm 

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