Galt - 16 Colourful Pairs of Opposite Puzzle

Galt - 16 Colourful Pairs of Opposite Puzzle

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Have fun while learning with Opposite Puzzles from GALT.

Consist of 16 colourful and amusing puzzles to encourage understanding of the concept of opposites and encourage matching skills.

The two-piece puzzles introduce commonly used word and the picture draw from a child's own experience to stimulate discussion and encourage language development. 

Only the correct pieces will fit together. 

The opposites:  

happy-sad; hot-cold; light-heavy; on-off; awake -asleep; together-apart; front-back; push-pull; big-small; empty-full; clean-dirty; up-down; wet-dry; noisy - quiet; in-out; long-short

    Approx size of puzzle pair: 8cm x12cm

    Recommended for 3 years +



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