Disney Handy Manny - Cookie Rescue

Disney Handy Manny - Cookie Rescue

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Will Mrs. Portillo bake her cookies for the contest this year? Maybe not! She can't fit her new oven in her house. Even the tools have a hard time getting the oven inside. But Stretch has a great idea. Can he solve the problem?
Handy Manny features the humorous adventures of Manny Garcia, the best darn handyman in his diverse community.  Manny and his eclectic group of talking tools work together to fix objects, help neighbors, and show  little ones how to conquer everyday problems.
Level pre-1 (Pre-Reader): Picture reading, repetition of words, short and simple sentences

Book Extent: 22 pages

Book Format:  Book

Length: 153 mm

Height: 228 mm

Spine : 2 mm

(sizes are approx measurement)